Healthy and Nutritious Simple Soups


Many communities all over the world have their own recipes of simple soups. These soups can be made to be consumed with the sole purpose of getting well in times of sickness or just as part of a dish. In Asia for example, simple soups are based solely on broths whereby they are made and taken in the East Asia cultures. The soups do not normally contain things like cream or milk they are just simple soups.

The soups are usually categorized in two main simplestartllc groups. The soup is either sweet or savory. Xian, umami and the fragrance are the main components that determine the quality of the soup. Simple soups can be described as types of food containing a combination of ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and meat with juice, stock, water or any other form of liquid depending on personal preferences.

Simple soups are characterized by boiling the above discussed ingredients in liquid with the sole purpose of extracting flavor and nutrients. The most nutritious soup of all is the broth soup. From the two types of soups, they are farther broken down to thick soups and light soups. The soup thickens depending on the types of ingredients that have been used.

Cream, eggs and butter are used to thicken veloutes type of soup while vegetable soups known as purees are thickened using starch. There may be no clear distinction between soups and stew; in fact many people cannot be able to differentiate between the two. The main difference between normal simple soups with stew is that soups contain more liquid than stew.

In some cultures for example especially in the Asian continent, simple soups are sometimes taken as main dishes served with some little adornment. When this case applies, the main important part of the soup is the stock. As discussed earlier, soups play a very major role in medicine especially in traditional Asian and African settings.

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