eBooks: Makes Money While You Sleep


1. eBooks Advantages

a) Once it is ready for sale, it can continue to generate revenue for years to follow with very little overhead

b) Can be offered in addition to a print book

c) Being searchable by key word, making it easy for readers to locate specific information

2. Formatting and Delivery

a) Using word processing application (such as PDF creator) to make eBook and distribute it

b) OR, through an electronic publishing services.

I) Handle the ordering process, collect the buyer’s payment, and deliver the download

c) If you don’t automated the delivery process, make sure it delivered in a short time

3. eBook Layout

a) Cover Page: title, author, and a web site link

b) Title page: repeat the title and author information and includes a copyright statements

c) Addition:

I) Table of contents

ii) Chapters

iii) Directory of resources

iv) Glossary of terms

v) Author bio

vi) List of additional products

vii) Order form

Other Information Products

1. Tele-seminars

a) Is an informational seminar conducted on the telephone.

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