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With so many unknown factors, A/B testing can feel overwhelming. The key is to start on a solid foundation. That means doing in-depth research on your target market.

Before you start with any marketing campaigns, you need to know first where your target audience is. Then you can start marketing directly to them.

Are they on Facebook? If so, then how do they usually access it? On mobile or PC?

If you aren’t sure, then looking at industry wide trends can help shed some light.

mobile marketing growth

For instance, altijdgeil it has been reported that 68% of time spent on Facebook is through mobile devices.

Learning these types of facts will help you understand your target audience’s habits, and allow you to develop a focused internet marketing strategy.

And speaking of strategies, there are many different ones.

Social media marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
To be able to create the best marketing plan for your business, you must have goals.

For example, if your goal is to attract new customers, you’ll want to focus on paid social media ads and improve your website’s design. Your website design should not be confusing or unhelpful – that would drive people away from your website!

In the rest of this post, we’ll be looking at the different types of internet marketing strategies and what are the best ways to use them.

We’ll start off with social media marketing, which is the best way for a new business to start advertising online.

1. Social Media Marketing
social media marketing growthAccording to Statista, in July of 2020, 4.57 billion people were active internet users and 3.80 billion of them were social media users.

80% of internet users are on social media channels!

Make no mistake about it, social media marketing works and it’s here to stay.

But despite these numbers and the amazing success businesses have had marketing on social media, many business owners and marketers still haven’t embraced it.

The main reason? They aren’t sure if they’ll see good returns. They don’t know how to correlate their social media marketing efforts with sales. They are doubtful if the amount of time and effort that they will be investing in these social media networks will be enough to generate sales and conversions.

Fortunately we’ve covered this topic in great detail in another post. Check it out if you’re worried about how to measure your success on social media.

Our blog is a great resource for all things relating to social media. It’s a huge topic and one blog post can’t do it justice.

There are many different social media websites all with their own unique methods.

Popular platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, SnapChat and YouTube.

And then these platforms all have unique features like Twitter Chat, Instagram Surveys, etc.

But in this post, we’d like to point new business owners to Facebook.

facebook benefits

Facebook is the most dominant social media platform, with over 2.7 billion users.

One of the reasons why it has so many users is that it’s easy to sign up. Creating a Facebook business page for the first time is quick and simple. You can do it in less than an hour.

But I’m not telling you not to have a website. Having a website is absolutely essential for giving you more control over your online presence and boosting your brand awareness.

In fact, ideally you should have both a website and Facebook business page, with both linking to each other.

Having both a website and a strong social media presence will lend your business more credibility and will establish you as an influencer in the eyes of consumers. It will also help you show your business’ incredible personality and allow you to engage directly with customers wherever they are. Additionally, when you have your own website, you can publish blog posts there that you can easily share on your social media accounts and so are your visitors.

But why Facebook, you may ask.

The reason why we recommend starting with Facebook, is that it can be overwhelming trying to break into multiple social media networks at the same time.

In fact, if you go all in on social media marketing, it becomes a full time job!

Therefore, as a marketing company, we recommend starting small and scaling things up, unless you’ve got the funds to hire someone to manage your social media accounts.

And finally, to wrap up this section, we want to mention something that businesses, new and old, both brick and mortar or online businesses, often overlook – online reviews.

online reviews

Many business owners choose to ignore this aspect of social media. And yes, online review aggregator sites are social media.

They ignore them because they think they have no control over them. But you do have some control!

In fact, you can easily increase the number of positive reviews simply by asking your customers to leave reviews. Yes, you can do that. There are ways for you to persuade your previous customers to give your brand reviews which will be helpful in converting potential customers too in the future.

If your product or service is good, then any unfair negative reviews will get buried by positive ones. If the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones, people will most likely overlook the bad feedback and continue purchasing your product or service. That’s the power of online reviews!

Interestingly, Facebook tends to attract more positive reviews than negative reviews (another good reason to be on Facebook)!

On the other hand, negative reviews typically come from online review aggregator sites according to a Dimensional Research survey.

Now let’s move on from social media and talk about the next internet marketing strategy that new business owners should know about: SEO!

2. SEO
SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The goal of optimizing your website is to get on the first page of Google by providing the best possible experience to Google’s users.

Google SERP results

That last part is the key, and what this section is all about.

But let’s get one thing straight first – SEO takes time. It’s a long term digital marketing strategy. Unlike with paid ads, your business won’t get instant visibility.

Ranking high in the search engines takes time. It can take a few months for a web page to rank on the first page even if you do everything right.

But that’s no reason to lose heart – if you read our blog and follow through on what we teach, your website will rank higher.

And when you do finally rank on the first page, the benefits are incredible!

Organic reach. Organic in marketing terms means “free.” So ranking on the first page means free reach and traffic to your website.
Good CTR: Click through rate will be higher compared to SEM/paid ads on the first page.
Trust: Searchers tend to automatically trust businesses that appear on the first page. This is because they expect that Google is providing them with the best possible browsing experience.
So, now you’re sold on the benefits of SEO. Great!

But with so much to learn about SEO, where do you even start?

The answer is to start with the basics. There are two kinds of SEO that you need to know about – on page SEO and off page SEO.

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