Chair Cover Hire – It’s Hard to Beat It


Chair cover hire is a popular option for weddings, banquets, and other similar events with large numbers of guests. Even though one can theoretically create all the decorations with their own two hands, as well as buy the items or have professionals decorate the event, hire is the most affordable and stress-free way to proceed.

If you choose to create the covers yourself, it may become a very lengthy and stressful ordeal. There are benefits to proceeding this way, including the savings (materials cost much less then the ready-made items) and the personal touch to your celebration. However, you will need to design the layout, sew each piece together, and then put each item onto a chair (multiply by the number of guests). Choosing the do-it-yourself approach instead of the chair cover hire services could get you very tired before the special day, which is the last thing you need.

The other option is hiring experienced professional decorators, who would give purchase chair covers  a perfectly coordinated look to your event. They would discuss the design ideas with you, create the items that you see in your mind, and then put each one of them onto the chairs. They can also decorate the tables and create the rest of the party décor. This does sound like a great idea. However, this may be out of budget for many people. Services for the events where emotions are involved usually have a high mark-up. Choosing them over a chair cover hire company could increase your expenditures.

The other way to proceed could be purchasing the covers. In this case, they will not just look new (like in case of hire) but they will actually be new, as nobody used them before you. In fact, many couples decide to purchase brand new wedding gowns rather than rent them, so as not to wear those worn by someone else. However, purchasing custom party items is one of the least practical choices, unless you plan to have several more events with a similar number of guests soon. Just imagine having purchased a hundred covers. What should you do with them after the event? Try to sell them through the classifieds? Keep them in your attic? Using chair cover hire will eliminate this issue as well.

That’s why many people rent. It’s cheap and hassle-free, and the items will look just like new. Any good company ensures that the products are shipped to you in perfect condition, so that no one would ever be able to tell that they were rented.

The covers may come by themselves, or with elegant sashes. They will match any folding chairs, which typically have a standard back size. The only measurement to take is the length of the chairs’ top to the floor, as their height may vary. If you want to conceal the chairs’ legs all the way to the floor, you need to know these values.

Covers will add elegance to weddings and banquets. Today, you can rent the latest fashion designs made of the highest quality fabrics at a very affordable cost. Chair cover hire services can hardly be beat by other options, such as doing it yourself, buying, or using professional party decorators.


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