Using The Net To Get The Movies You Want


If you have a high speed internet connection you have access to a song, movies, books, and a host of other digital entertainment and educational information. But you’re also exposed to some new dangers and opportunities to be taken for a ride.

Music, video, and movie downloads have grown tremendously over the last eight years; moving from free wheeling, and under the licensing radar to not only legal, but incredibly prosperous for those companies with the right business model.

Music Downloads

If you can think of a song you can probably find a site offering to download it for a price, usually somewhere around 99 cents a download. Other sites, such as ++++ offer a membership which includes unlimited downloads.

Given the size of the music files, and the fact that they are usually in an MP3 format, the downloads are typically quick and easy. And they can be played on an iPod or any other standard MP3 player or with an mp3 application such as RealPlayer © or Windows Media Player. And while iPod dominates the portable player market, companies such as Motorola and Sony offer devices to the consumer. A quick search on FROOGLE shows a wide range of devices at an equally wide range of prices. Of course, the primary factor in the cost is the amount of memory available for storage. The larger the memory, the more expensive the unit is.

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