Movie Review – Atlas Shrugged:


Ever since watching Atlas Shrugged: Part I, I couldn’t wait to watch Atlas Shrugged: part II. In case you have no idea what these movies are about, they are based on Ayn Rand’s epic ground-breaking novel, Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand published her novel in 1957. Since its publication, this novel has been the catalyst for inspiration and controversy ever since. I must confess that I had never heard of this novel before the movie came out. Now that I’ve watched both movies, I definitely want to read Rand’s work.

Rand’s theme in the novel is each person’s individual achievement in the world and how success should be perceived in relation to the good of mankind. The author explores what would happen when the success and achievements of individuals is stifled and they are devalued-even made to appear as heartless, greedy individuals… all because they believed in the capitalism and the American dream-to work hard and succeed.

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