99designs was established by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle as a side project of Sitepoint, a site began in 1998 as a gathering for web engineers and creators. Creators on its discussions started arranging challenges dependent on anecdotal customer briefs.[5][6][7] The originators chose to test charging an expense to post briefs for genuine ventures, in the end making 99designs as a different organization for the contests.[5][8][9]

In 2008, the organization opened a San Francisco office, in light of the fact that most of the stage’s underlying customers and originators were in the United States.[10][11] It later moved its U.S. base camp to Oakland, California.[4] By 2012, the site had 175,000 planners in 192 countries.[12] By 2016, it had around 1,000,000 enlisted designers.[13] The stage was later overhauled to permit clients to straightforwardly look for and recruit architects, outside of plan competitions.[14][15][16]  marketplace

In 2012, the organization procured an European contender called 12designer, situated in Germany.[12][17] Its office turned into the European base camp of 99designs.[18] In 2013, the organization gained LogoChef, a Brazilian competitor.[19] In 2017, the organization migrated back to Melbourne.[20][21]

The organization was procured in October 2020 by Netherlands Cimpress.[22]


In 2011, the organization got US$35 million in financing from Accel Partners and other investors.[23][24][25] It consequently brought another $10 million up in 2015.[13][20]

The organization got beneficial in 2017,[14] and in February 2018 revealed $60 million per year in revenue.[20]


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