Robin Sax



In 2015, Sax returned full-time to the practice of law. Her offices are located in Century City and her legal practice includes family law, dependency (juvenile) cases, victim advocacy, criminal defense, and entertainment and media. Robin regularly shares her legal expertise as a fill-in host on KABC Radio 790 in Los Angeles.

Previously she’s represented the parents of teenager Amber Dubois, who was murdered in San Diego County in 2009 by convicted killer John Albert Gardner,[17] and appeared on Larry King Live with Dubois’ mother, Carrie McGonigle.[18] She also represented Samantha Spiegel in an alleged stalking case against John Mark Karr, who falsely confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey.Building websites for lawyers 

In 2016, Robin began doing her hours as a clinical therapist in order to receive her MSW. She worked as an clinical therapist at Animo Inglewood (a Green Dot Charter school) as well as at Harbor UCLA in the Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Unit.

In 2018, Robin joined the staff of the Violence Intervention Program where she is currently is a program manager and clinical therapist for the Alexis Project at LAC USC Hospital. The Alexis Project is a partnership between The Alexis Arquette Family Foundation and Violence Intervention Program (VIP) at the LAC+USC Medical Center, The Alexis Project is an extension of VIP’s hallmark medical, mental health and support programs targeted at the LGBTQ+ population. Robin frequently trains clinicians, the community, educators, and medical staff on LGBTQ+ affirming care, treatment, and rights.

In 2020, Robin founded Dear-CoParent.Dear Co-Parent draws on Robin’s skills as a lawyer and a therapist and assists individuals involved in custody and family law issues or cases. She uses her joint degrees and training in order to assist couples deal with separation, parenting planning, and custody plans. Dear Co-Parent helps resolve disputes with a therapeutic sensitive approach combined with knowledge of the law using mediation, collaboration, and consensual dispute resolution.

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