Telecom Product with a Difference


Telecom Product with a Difference

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This article gives a brief outline on how a product really can improve your own personal security.

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Would you like to be in full control of your own personal phone calls? You can and also at the same time enhance your security? If the answer is “Yes”, then Non-Geo could be the product for you. Over the past few years this product has been developing, however now it is fully operational.

I am not going to go into all the aspects of Non-Geo, as this is not an advert. What I am going to talk about is the interesting security aspect of the product. Most people these days are now aware there is a need for caution when giving out your telephone number; even entering it on an internet form is ‘dodgy’.

So how does it work?

Simply visit our website, enter your landline or mobile number into our interface, our software will then issue you with a new non-geographical telephone number. Nothing has changed you simply have a spare telephone number. In fact you can get as many numbers as you like.

Can you explain more?

You have now been issued with a new telephone number; you are now free to give this phone number to anyone, even the barmaid you fancy in your local pub. The beauty with this system is this; you can simply turn off any of your new phone numbers from any computer. This system is ideal for all your families’ security, even your children.

Where can this product be used?

Unfortunately the system is set up for use within the UK, however if you live outside the UK, you can translate your overseas landline or mobile number and have a number that gives you a presence in the UK.

I hear you, but how much will it cost?

Don’t laugh when I tell you the whole system is FREE, call rates within the UK and abroad are up to 80% cheaper than BT. The product even has the backing of BT, they are our largest customers.

I hope this information has been interesting and enlightening.

To view the whole FREE package simply visit

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