Yes, But Who Is Reading What You Write – It Matters


In the no so distant past, I had referenced to an individual author that throughout the long term I’ve viewed my measurements increment definitely, explicitly the quantity of words composed and the quantity of online articles, some 10-million words and 27,300 articles indeed. Strangely, despite the fact that he saluted me on having composed the most articles, he disclosed to me that it was insignificant, and it was the quantity of perusers who’ve perused those articles that truly made a difference. Valid statement, so we should discuss that will we?

My online colleague, Edmund, states; “What makes a difference is the most understood words and these beginning with The Bible and The Quran, likely moving to Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Churchill and many others that you can’t expect to beat.” Indeed, it would be hard surpass the Bible, as it has sold the most duplicates of any book ever composed and more Holy Bibles have been printed than each other book other than the telephone directory. In any case, I had noticed that I have more than 11 million article sees on one site alone, and at one point beforehand I had noticed that my articles were partnered a normal of multiple times, and if each article is seen by anyplace near that number of individuals, I might be arriving at somewhere in the range of 170 million article sees. That is huge for a humble online article essayist and writer of digital books such as myself.

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