How Parents Can Help Hyperactive Children Calm Down


Children that are hyperactive are sometimes diagnosed with any one of various neurological disorders, such as ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Along with their intense and high energy is impulsive and aggressive behavior.

These actions can turn off a lot of people, whether they know about the child’s condition or not. If your child is exhibiting some of these symptoms, it’s best to have them see a pediatrician to find out what’s going on.

If they have been diagnosed with ADHD, one of the first things they may Constructive Parenting Techniques   want to do is prescribe medicine. However, since some of those prescriptions are known to have side effects, parents are not always so trusting. If you’re looking for an alternate approach, here are a few tips you can use to help a hyperactive child (or children):

o Find an activity for them where they can burn off their excess energy. A good one to try is karate or related martial arts class. This can be good for them because it shows them how to maintain self-control and it can teach them how to discipline themselves. Too many times they get bored so easily that they will be destructive until they can find something constructive to do.

o Breathing techniques for the hyperactive child is something that can help them calm down. In fact, deep breathing is the best way to channel in relaxation to their body. Start them out with taking a few deep breaths. Have them breathe through their nose. Try having them do this for as long as they can hold them. When letting go, release the air through the mouth. You may have to show them how to do this technique. Deep breathing also helps the brain to relax.

o Get involved with exercising on a regular basis. Even if no one in the family is overweight or obese, this is a good way to keep the blood flowing. More exercise contributes to less stress. It also helps to do it as a family because it can help everyone become close knit. In addition to that, the child will be able to release any excess energy or frustration by exercising. Some things you and your family can do include walking, bike riding and running, just to name a few.

Parents can have control over a hyperactive child, even when they don’t think they can. These easy and simple tips are designed to help them channel and release any excess energy and frustrations that are associated with children that have ADHD. Just implementing one of these techniques will make a difference in their life.



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