Some Quranic Tips to Prevent Your Kids From Telling Lies


On the off chance that you are grinning as you read this line, I am grinning at you too.I definitely know the appropriate response. We as a whole did that. Generally, in the wake of rehashing a similar expression our words fail to be noticed. The expression, “it is wicked to lie” become too regular all the rage and your youngster’s ears yet, you actually need to ingrain similar qualities. What alternatives would you say you are left with? Not much, but rather there are a couple of hadiths (Prophetic words from The Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and sections from the Quran that you can delicately ingrain into your youngster’s psyche. Perusing them with your friends and family every day may assist you with your central goal, yet in addition is fulfilling and valuable for both you and the relatives.

Here are some prophetic words and Quran refrains to supplant your, “it is corrupt to lie” state.

The first is this, from surah Al-Baqarah section 42, in which Allah state in an extremely inconspicuous way, “And don’t blend truth in with lie, and don’t hide reality while you know.(2:42)”It is a decent suggestion to impart into your youngster about talking reality particularly on genuine issues where truth is the target we look for. When utilizing the Quran stanza, not just you are doing an ibadah for edifying the family with Quranic esteems, yet in addition leave your kid with next to no space to go keep misrepresenting his untruths.

Furthermore, there is additionally a ton of a section from the Quran named Munafiqoon which implies The Hypocrites. Here, the munafiqoon are given 3 qualities one of which is the liars. I won’t guidance you to utilize this section towards your youngster as it is very unforgiving to consider somebody a munafiq (a deceiver). All things being equal, instill to them the threat and Allah’s limitation for being a liar.

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