Vastu – The Route to Happiness, Prosperity and Fulfillment


Vastu is an ancient Indian art of architecture and planning. In Vastushastra, the book which was written by the great architect in Hindu mythology Viswakarma, it is a complete science which can bring happiness to the whole world and provide the four major life benefits which are available right on this earth – rightful living, fulfillment, money and bliss. In order to make these happen, certain rules for building homes have to be followed. These rules explain how you can manipulate construction so as to aid the right energy movement and bring a balance among the five elements of existence – air, water, fire, space, earth.

It has been discovered that Vastu was formulated during 3000 BC. Indian sages, after years of meditation and becoming aware of the effect of sun, moon and planets on human beings, vastuconsultant laid down certain principles for healthy and happy living. So, principles in vastu explain how to override the negative effects of these heavenly bodies and make the effect of positive forces dominant at home. Diseases and illnesses can also be gotten rid of due to the strong presence of positive energy. Vastu for home brings a strongly positive cosmic effect that ensures the home remains happy and prosperous.

There are several modern sciences that correlate with the principle of vastu. Geopathy is one such science. According to geopathy, electromagnetic radiations that are emitted from every organism on earth and from all particles in the universe have an effect on humans, a concept that is very similar to vastu. Dampness in certain spots in the house, presence of anthills and beehives and certain kinds of dressed stones are supposed have a negative effect on residents of the house. When a home is constructed as per these principles, the effect of cosmic radiations and distortions is reduced and there is more positivity. Geopathy also states that presence of distress spots at home can damage immune system of the body, as a result of which, people fall sick. Migraine headaches, breathing problems and digestion problems are common offshoots of negative radiations.

Austria is another country that has adopted the principles of vastu in a different form. In schools, when children have learning problems or behave abnormally, the first thing that is done is to change seating arrangements. They believe that a child performs badly when he is sitting in an energy distress zone. Feng Shui is the Chinese cousin of vastushastra. This science believes in yin and yang, which denote positive and negative energies. By use of certain kinds of instruments, flutes, fish tanks and lanterns, Feng Shui aims to balance out yin and yang, thereby establishing harmony in the house.

You cannot refute the relevance of vastu. Even in the modern world, these principles are as applicable as they were thousands of years ago, the reason being that the elements haven’t changed and neither has the cosmic activity of planets and natural satellites. Vastu tips are relevant today and will remain so for all years to come.

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