How to Write Product Reviews That Sell


Affiliates today use different strategies to make commissions selling other people’s products. From backlinking to paid ad placement; there are different methods that bring in results. Still, blogging seems to be the cheapest and most effective of all; providing that affiliates can create product reviews that sell. There is a major difference between promotional articles and product reviews; the first one looks like an ad, while the latter engages readers and builds trust. Find out below how to write product reviews that sell and increase your affiliate revenue.

Insider Information
What most people interested in a product or digital item are looking for is an insider information from an expert. Therefore, the product review needs to be written professionally and contain all the relevant information; including the company behind it, the price, and value and the reviews of other people who have tried it. Setting up sections for separate ratings; such as value for money, quality, product review support would give all the information to readers they are looking for.

Building Trust through Product Reviews
Hitting a personal tone and assuring readers in the review post that you have also tried the product will build rapport and trust. If you have one of the products you are promoting as an affiliate, make sure that you include a photo or receipt in the product reviews. Even though you need to disclose the information that you get commissions for sales by law, people will trust you more.

Engaging in Conversations and Adding Personal Remarks
Once the reviews are published, you should answer questions and comments in order to position yourself as an expert. This does not mean that you have to take on the job of the company’s support system, but finding out their contact details and posting it in the answers would help many of your readers. Talk about your personal experiences and offer solutions and tips.

Answering Secret Questions with Product Reviews
The power of great product reviews lies in answering the questions that people have on their mind. This means that you need to step in their shoes for a while and try to find out what is the most important for them; the price, the functionality or the ease of use? Still, the most important question review posts need to answer is: “what is in it for me?” That is what everyone seriously considering buying something is asking. Instead of listing only the features of the product, emphasize the benefits.

A product review needs to be objective and honest. Avoid praising the product and leaving out the pitfalls as people will stop trusting you. Add a subtitle to the product review: “what is missing from xy product” and be honest about it. People will appreciate this and you will sell more even if you are not convincing them that this is the perfect solution.

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