Online Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Can Grow Your Business


What costs $90,000 per-second and has an 18% chance of generating a positive return on marketing investment? A 2008 Super Bowl ad, of course. In case you’re trying to do that math, that’s about $2.7 million for the average 30-second TV spot. With rates like that, there has to be a better way to share the good news with your customers.

Actually, there is a better way, and it’s right under your finger. Online word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing that most marketers have yet to employ to its full advantage. Did you know that 92% of consumers prefer to hear about new products and services through word of mouth, as opposed to less than 67% though advertising?

Surprisingly, fewer than 52% of all organizations have any form of online word-of-mouth tools on their website, and fewer still have a defined program for fostering online word of mouth through their existing and prospective customer base. When this article was written, fewer than 20% of the 30 largest employers in the Green Bay area had any online word-of-mouth tools such as a “send-to-a-friend” feature on their websites.

Getting started in online word-of-mouth is easy and profitable whether you’re a large enterprise of a corner specialty store. There are only two rules that you need to follow. Give customers something worth sharing and make it easy for them to share it online.


  • Review your website content to ensure that it’s worth sending along as a valuable resource. Create additional resources like articles and whitepapers that help enhance your message and position.
  • Give website visitors the ability to share your content by adding a “send-to-a-friend” email feature on every page and consider adding tools for online or “social bookmarking” to help visitors share website links with others.
  • Develop an online referral program to help your best customers tell others about you while being rewarded for their time.


With a thoughtful review of your website content and the addition of a few helpful online social sharing tools, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits of online word-of-mouth for your business.

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