The ‘Guts’ of a Computer CPU


If you have ever wondered what makes your personal computer function, it is the computer CPU or central processing unit. This is a chip that is actually mounted or embedded onto the system or mother board of your personal computer. It is the component within your computer that drives or directs all the other components combined to form a personal computer.

Some people refer to the computer CPU as the processor. alugueldecacambassp Which makes sense since it is the component that processes all the instructions and data going through your personal computer. The central processing unit actually contains several components within itself. They include registers that store specific information or results internally or locally within the CPU, arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) that performs all the logical and arithmetic functions, a control unit, and cache to speed access to memory and other components.

In all fairness the ALU is actually the foundation or building block of the computer CPU. These can be very simplistic to handle basic routines such as timers or can be extremely complex and coordinate the function and operation of scientific computers, graphics processors or advanced internet applications and components. The more advanced the application the more complex the ALU to handle the application.

While handling all the data and processes within your personal computer, the computer CPU also directs traffic or the operation of all the other components within your computer such as hard drives, network cards, graphics boards, video and audio cards, modems and memory. It sends signals or instructions to all these other components through buses, which are actually wires connecting the various components. Through all these connections, components, wires, operating systems, applications and instructions, the central processing unit is the core for your entire computer. It is essentially what makes your computer, a computer.

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A short definition of a computer is that a machine use to perform calculations automatically. The basic origin of computer is related to computing. In this modern world everybody should know how computers work. One should know about the different components of a computer. Let’s discuss the main parts of a computer.

1) CPU (central processing unit) is the main part. The other devices required to complete your computer set are monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse. Mainly central processing unit is the combination of four parts. These parts are ALU, control unit, RAM and ROM.

2) ALU is the abbreviation of arithmetic logic unit. ALU can perform two types of functions. These functions are arithmetic and logic. Arithmetic function solves all the mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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