What Is the E3 Expo?


Every year at E3 huge games developers come to show off their biggest and best titles to the point at which they’ve been developed. Some games are still in the very early stages of development and only a small part of them can be shown as it has been specifically perfected for the E3 event. Everyone from the gaming media industry visits E3 and records every detail they can in writing until they return home where they can write a full report. All of these details are important for readers of gaming magazines and websites, and much of the industry’s news is spread through this process of holding events and having journalists write about them.

E3 brings together the biggest names in games development and gives them a space from which to showcase the games they’re most proud of. In 2012 games such as the well-known Far Cry 3 and the first instalment in the new Halo trilogy Halo 4 were shown, giving games journalists a wealth of information simply from a few minutes of video footage. The advantage of playing a demo or showing a video at E3 as opposed to having one to one interviews with games journalists, is that everyone gets the same source information, but they need to interpret it in their own way.

Companies such as Sony and Microsoft also feature themselves at E3, not due to a game they’re developing, but more due to a new console which they are hoping to release soon. These two giants can set the stage for the rest of the exposition, with new consoles being announced alongside the games which will feature on them. The biggest and best E3 expositions are always the ones where new consoles are released, as the new games being made for them use better technology which creates games that are more advanced than anything seen in current generation consoles.

Ultimately the E3 Expo achieves a worldwide event for the gaming industry, an event which will set the tone for games to come in the current year and the first half of the year to follow. The job of developers at E3 is to amaze games journalists with their demos and cinematics of new games which are being developed for near future release. The job of games journalists is to then amaze the public by featuring videos and writing their views of them for everyone to read online and in their physical publications should they produce them.


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