The greater number of steps


The greater number of steps in any plan, the greater chance of mistakes, misunderstandings, added costs. Eliminate non-essential steps in everything you do – whether it’s in developing your Artist plan, posting new music or information online, helping fans access and share your music, or finding the right way for you to write and record. Keep it simple.

Know that you won’t compromise or settle for short-term advantages. Think about Artists who inspire you and their vision – Bob Dylan is often thought as the “poet-laureate of rock n’ roll” and “voice of the sixties counterculture.” James Brown was called “the hardest working man in show business.” Who are you?

Map Out Your Future – but Do it in Pencil

Designing an Artist plan is an ongoing process. Your plan must constantly evolve and adapt to fluctuating circumstances, so stay flexible. You can have the best laid plans and still have things go wrong, get off track, or fail. So make your plan, work on your plan, and modify your plan as you see fit.

Also, make sure you talk to others and ask a lot questions. Learn about other Artists’ successes and failures. Research the skills and techniques they use and implement them yourself. If you can, mentor with an experienced Artist who is achieving the things you’d like to achieve.

Dream big while staying grounded and realistic. You don’t need to be playing arenas to be successful. You can make a very good living with just 10,000 fans. If you have 10,000 people looking forward to your next song and wanting to come out to your next concert, you’re doing something right.

Randy Young is an award nominated and multi- platinum certified producer, music publisher, songwriter and performer. With over 20 years of professional experience and more than 1500 live performances, he has made a living making music for most of his adult life. His background includes a Diploma in Composing and Arranging from the Dick Grove School of Music. He is an Artist Coach and creator of [] and []

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