Hair Straightener Styling Today


A variety of tools and options are available to women to get rid of the curls in their hair or get rid of the waviness in their hair. The latest tools and equipment are great and proven to work wonders with any kind of hair. But the best tool to get rid of curls and wavy hair is the straightener, which effectively straightens even the most stubborn curls.

The basic ceramic flat iron tool is a simple design that allows for both flattening and straightening of hair without extra work, all while protecting the user from the danger of burning their skin through accidental contact with the heating irons. The design originated in the early 20th century from a hair dresser who developed a method of straightening hair by pressing two hot irons that had been heated on the stove to the hair to straighten it.

Today, with the advent of more compact and safer electrical heating elements, the flat iron design is simplified in most cases to a design that is contained in one unit. Today’s irons differ, as they’re heated internally within the unit as opposed to the irons that were heated on the stove. The electrical unit provides a much easier to handle alternative as the hair straightener is compact and able to be used in bathrooms and other areas where heating irons would be impractical.

Although, heating elements are now heating through electrical currents, modern units are still very similar to these flat irons. They are also more user-friendly that other hair styling tools on the market today. Many new models of straightening iron make use of ceramic plates that cut heat up time in half and combined with smoothness to allow the straightening iron to glide through the hair more quickly. Smoother plates cause less damage to the hair and straighten the hair faster, while non-metal plates seem to cause more than the normal amount of heat damage.

Some ways of straightening hair use ionizing or infrared technology. These methods actually break down the hydrogen bonds in your hair to change its shape. But, be aware that this method may not be good for everyone. In the same way that the ionizing technology changes the hair structure to give it a nice straight look, it can also permanently weaken or damage hair in the long run.

In the long run, however, a flat iron is still the top choice if you want to straighten your tresses using just a little time and effort and limiting any potential damage to your hair’s basic structure. While the shape and nature of our styling implements may have changed greatly over the ages, some of the older ones are still superior at enhancing daily appearance, whether you’re a woman or a man.

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