Enjoy A Clearer Reception With A Functional Volvo Antenna Mast


Cd players and mp3 players in cars are the hottest and coolest nowadays but there’s nothing like the excitement your old FM/AM station brings during a live basketball or football game that you really need to hear about when a TV is not available in your car.

Your car radio is usually your only companion when you’re driving in your Volvo. And a weak signal or a failed reception of your car antenna could ruin everything and leave you bored throughout your travel.

Your Volvo can be very prone to vibration, corrosion and other factors that conspire to degrade the AM/FM reception. If you live in an area where conditions cause a masterracksbd lot of rust or corrosion, your poor AM/FM reception might originate at the base of the antenna or the inside of the fender.

A common cause of a weak reception is a broken Volvo antenna mast. The Volvo antenna mast is a vertical tubing that supports the antenna. Conventional masts are available in 5 and 10 foot lengths. Each type is available in various thicknesses that provide different degrees of strength and rigidity.

A Volvo antenna mast failure generally occurs because people often ride through the car wash with the antenna up.

How do you know that there is a problem with your Volvo antenna mast? Normally, you will know it when you turn the stereo on and off and you can still hear the motor running, but of course, you are already experiencing a weak reception. It’s either the plastic has broken or the mast teeth are stripped so the motor is unable to push or your Volvo antenna up or down. The result is usually a Volvo antenna mast that’s halfway deployed and wouldn’t raise or lower. The teeth of the antenna mast may strip or break off because they may be worn out and most of the time, these break off inside the motor unit itself.

How do you replace a broken Volvo antenna mast? Before anything else, you may need to ask some help from one of your friends in order to do this successfully. First, remove the nut off the antenna assembly top and pull out the portion of the antenna mast that still remains in the assembly. When attempting to remove the old antenna mast, you may have to turn on the radio. Second, slide the new sleeve over the replacement mast and place the nut over the mast and insert the corded portion of the antenna into the antenna assembly until it reaches the bottom. The have your friend turn off the radio and slowly rotate the cord clockwise until the corded portion of the antenna is pulled into the antenna assembly. Slide the mast all the way into the assembly and install the nut and tighten slightly. If the mast does not go all the way down at first, it’s just perfectly normal since it will have to adjust itself after turning the antenna on and off again.

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