Massage Marketing With the Yellow Pages


One question I get asked a lot is whether or not the Yellow Pages are an effective medium for marketing a massage practice. This can be a bone of contention between massage therapists as some do well out of marketing in the Yellow Pages, while others seem to do poorly.

The fact is that Yellow Hepburn Spring & Daylesford MAssage Pages ‘IS’ an excellent medium for you to successfully market your massage practice. In fact, when it comes to spending actual $$$ on ‘advertising’, it is my first and in many cases only choice.

There are 2 primary reasons for this:

1) It is the most widely distributed directory in the country (i.e. everywhere) and is used by 40% of Americans every single month to find ‘specific’ products and services.
2) People who are searching through the yellow pages are looking to buy something specific right now!

So it is HIGHLY TARGETED advertising because your market is COMING TO YOU, looking for the product or service YOU PROVIDE! Which in your case is massage.

They are in fact…LOOKING TO BE ‘SOLD’.

The challenge for you is to create an ad that both STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD of other massage therapist’s ads in order to grab their attention AND is ‘compelling’ enough to get them to choose ‘YOUR’ massage above everyone else’s.

Some massage therapists have great success with their Yellow Pages Ads while others don’t seem to get their money’s worth because they have been ‘SOLD’ (by Yellow Pages ‘Sales’ People) into placing ads that are both ‘expensive’ and ‘ineffective’.

The secret to having success with the yellow pages is focusing on your primary market for example people with back pain. You construct a small direct marketing style ad with a compelling headline all about how back pain sufferers can get quick relief. You make a promise, you provide a testimonial (social proof), you make a clear offer with a solid guarantee and your put forward a clear ‘call to action’ along with your phone number all big and bold.

These kinds of direct marketing ads are the ones that work best, not just in the Yellow Pages but in virtually any form on online and offline media. I recommend that you start reading a few books on direct marketing (Dan Kennedy is a big authority on the topic) and start implementing these techniques into your massage business marketing and promotion A.S.A.P.

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