The Importance of Leadership in Digital Marketing


A Journey in Social Proof
When it comes to Social Proof, play the turtle game. Let your Social Proof such as in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter grow and develop slow and steady just like a turtle. At the end of the day for a long term success, authenticity matters the most.

Sacrifice to Success
We must give up to go up. In any leadership including Digital Marketing Leadership, it’s so important to sacrifice especially the first few years, until you really build your online rapport and build your brand. So, the Law of Sacrifice counts a lot.

The Power of Routine
The Power of Discipline and building a regular routine cannot be under-estimated. The great monuments such as Taj Mahal and the Pyramids were built in years by carrying one stone or working few hours’ daily consistency. Therefore, a routine must be established such as your prayers, meditation, culo exercises, investing certain amount of hours daily, taking care of your health, heart, mind and soul set. Do not compromise one for another. Both the spiritual and the worldly part of the goals and your power of routine matters. I strongly recommend you read “5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma to build a standard Power of Routine and then build your own to choose your spiritual, financial and family goals.

Quality vs Quantity
More always doesn’t mean better. Remember, more money could imply more problems. Therefore, broaden your horizon and keep your vision nobler. Focus on Quality rather than Quantity.

Choose your Work / Niche Carefully
Whatever you choose to embark your journey on, choose it wisely and carefully. Let the work be nobler and that’s when the joy of financial freedom is greater. The joy of giving is greater than the joy of taking. Be a giver.

There is no Magic Pill
Just like any business, there isn’t any Magic Pill to success. The Magic Pill is only smart work combined with hard work, dedication, sacrifice, discipline, persistence besides striking a proper balance in personal and your professional life.

You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel
We don’t need to reinvent the new wheel. It’s already there and you must reflect, contemplate and figure out step by step how to go about.

Be Like Water
Be like Water, do not have the destination disease. Keep moving where the journey takes you. As long as you are living a principle-centered life, just relax and enjoy the journey. Do not have a fixed mindset. Just flow like water and focus on the principles and the compass.

90% of Success is just showing up
The great percentage of Success in life is showing up and being there in the game. No matter how hard, do not take a long break. Even if you are imperfect, just keep showing up. That’s the rule of any game. Don’t think of winning alone. Winners become winners by consistently showing up.

Our Life’s Purpose
Focus on your life’s purpose and ask yourself why you are here. The clearer the picture you have of your Life’s Purpose, then the better it’s for you and will stay focused consistently no matter what adversities throw on your life. I strongly suggest you read the book by Simon Sinek titled “Find Your Why”.

The Importance of Leadership in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is a marathon and not a 200 meter Sprint Race. The reasons why it’s so important to focus on Leadership than Digital Marketing Management can be summarized in points as follows:

As Technology has become the source of our bread and financial earning, we must realize that there’s no short cut strategies, procedures and techniques to the long-term success.
The unethical approaches in Digital Marketing Management such as click baits (which is nothing but an approach to trick the customers and drag them into your website) may gain short term benefits yet does not fetch long term benefits at all. So, the need to focus on Digital marketing Leadership is so important.
Taking a systematic approach than a haphazard approach will be like the Turtle and Rabbit Race where rabbit relaxes too much thinking it’s quicker and smarter, whereas turtle always moves slow and steady stretching its neck to cross the finish line.
Learn all the intricacies of Digital Marketing Leadership by learning about the plugins and the dire need for the right plugins. Having a product to sell with the great content of your choice does not work any longer. Please remember for every two hours even during your sleep time, there are 200s of new websites coming up. So, it’s so crucial to learn the secrets and get the right leadership training in matters such as Keywords, SEO Ranking techniques, using the right plugins, having original content though it can be either rewritten or your own and short, ability to track the pain points of your potential customers, and systematically train to develop your own leadership skills in Digital marketing industry and thus achieve financial freedom.

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