How to Date a Nigerian Girl


Can someone please tell me why Nigerian guys are more confident than Nigerian girls (ladies, women which ever description you choose) in uploading a picture onto the growing number of Nigerian dating sites we have on the market? There are so many guys who have uploaded their pictures. However, you look up the typical Nigerian lady profile and you don’t find a picture? Shy, do you say? Well, I say it’s probably because at one time or the other we have felt that online dating is for those who are ‘impotent’ to find someone offline?! Someone tell Nigerian girls to upload a picture…


The factors that create relationships are the same online or offline. I stand to be corrected but women are the same the world over and quickly respond to the same set of factors. We would all know by now that the typical woman out there wants to feel loved, wanted and I believe a secured feeling is a sine-qua-non for women. Let me explain with an example, a Nigerian guy was talking about his girl (she was Nigerian Nigerian Music by the way) the other day and he said, ‘we have a house which we are renting and the natural thing is to begin to think about a mortgage so we can stop paying rent and obviously have a house of our own’.

He went on, ‘there is another thinking I had…lets buy a house and rent it out and get another one for ourselves and keep buying as many as we can because I was interested in investing in the property market’. She rejected the idea flatly…she wanted a warm and cosy house right away and was not thinking of some long term investment or whatever!


Men are naturally wired to be hunters and I think Nigerian men are very good hunters! Don’t try to impress immediately with a show of strength; how big mouthed you are or how rich you are (women might love wealth but you end up with gold diggers if you flaunt wealth upfront). Have you heard the saying? Women fall in love through their EARS while men fall in love through their EYES!

You best bet on a Nigerian dating site is to write a profile describing your outdoor choices, music, pet dreams etc. Now, I realize that this doesn’t work for all but it works for the majority! Don’t be all egoistical when writing a profile, put yourself in her shoes and ask what you would love to know if you were the lady?! You also generally have to make the first move! It’s disappeared in some places but Nigerian girls still believe largely in you making the first contact! So, purchase that subscription!



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