Each 12 months in Oklahoma, tens of thousands of wholesome, adoptable animals are destroyed. Although brilliant development has been made, fewer than half of the animals that input the Tulsa Animal Welfare safe haven every 12 months will leave there alive. Not handiest is that this a harsh truth, it’s also a drain on assets and tax bucks that might be higher utilized to serve our groups.

Turning these facts around so that we’re saving more animals than we are destroying isn’t always most effective humane, it might be beneficial for our communities. As daunting as the undertaking can also appear, it isn’t always not possible. In truth, many communities across the kingdom are considered “no kill” due to the fact they’ve completed a 90% live launch charge at their municipal shelters. In order to get there, it’s going to take the complete community to make vital selections about their pets. Here’s how people can assist:

DON’T INTENTIONALLY BREED YOUR PET There are sufficient animals that need houses with out including greater. Shelters are overcrowded and too many animals that input shelters are positioned to sleep because of loss of homes. If your pet has dogs or kittens, they might emerge as in a shelter. In addition, every puppy or kitten sold or given away with the aid of an owner that breeds their puppy manner there is one extra refuge animal as a way to now not discover a home. Don’t contribute to the quantity of unwanted pets and deaths.

SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PET Spay and neuter will lessen the variety of animals that enter municipal shelters by reducing the variety of undesirable pets. As an added bonus, it additionally prevents undesirable conduct and health dangers that could shorten the lifestyles of your first-rate pal. Furthermore, in lots of Oklahoma groups which includes the City of Tulsa, it’s miles required by way of law. Low-value spay and neuter services are to be had in maximum communities for qualifying families.

ADOPT YOUR NEXT PET FROM AN AREA RESCUE OR SHELTER The exceptional of animals to be had thru shelters and rescues is astounding. Looking for a specific breed? It is predicted that 25% of the dogs that enter shelters are natural bred and there are breed unique rescues for each type of canine imaginable. Keep in thoughts whilst you undertake a pet, you are genuinely saving lives due to the fact you make space for any other pet to get a second risk. Check out our Partners page for a list of rescues for your location.

BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER Make a commitment to give your puppy the care it desires for its lifetime. Make certain which you are in an area to your existence to make this commitment. Pets that are relinquished because of changes of their owner’s lives such as divorce, beginning of a infant or shifting make up a massive percent of animals observed in shelters and rescues. Also, ensure your pet usually has proper identification in case it is misplaced.

SPREAD THE WORD The greatest defense to our pet overpopulation disaster is a well-informed community. Make sure that your buddies and own family are aware about the pet overpopulation disaster and the way their personal moves can assist clear up or make contributions to the hassle.

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